Julie Clegg

Chief Executive Officer

Julie has crafted her life’s work around investigation, technology and psychology, combining her knowledge of cybersecurity with two decades of threat assessment, detection and management, to bring to light those that hide in the digital shadows and cause disruption, distress or terror.

A former police detective and undercover operator, behavioral and geographic profiler, best-selling author, charity ambassador, passionate human rights advocate, global educator and keynote speaker, Julie approaches her life and work with determination and a relentless sense of adventure. She is driven by a desire to help every person live a life free of victimization, oppression, and fear.

Julie is also the author of the bestselling book, “How to Become a World-Class Investigator: An Insider's Guide to a Secretive Industry.”

In a world of increasingly artificial intelligence, Julie brings hardened expertise to matters of global security.

Damion Hänkejh

Chief Technology Officer

A lifelong innovator, strategist, and investor, Damion Hänkejh was honored as a Smithsonian Laureate in 1999 for his work with Dr. Robert Lazzara as CTO of Virtual OR (now Swedish Medical,) a pioneer at the nexus of telemedicine & robotic-assisted surgery, setting the stage for the first fully accredited virtual operating rooms worldwide (a permanent Smithsonian collection).

Formerly, he founded/exited InstantService (now Oracle,) inventing the first and largest online customer service technology to operate at Internet scale. It was the alpha spinout from — a novel approach to building ventures out of dormant Intellectual Property.

In 2014, Damion won the worldwide IBM Watson Developer challenge for demonstrating his vision of FANG, a secure AI platform for children’s playthings.

Dr. Jayshree Pandya

Chief Science Officer

Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt), Ph.D., a leading expert at the intersection of science, technology, and security, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Risk Group LLC, host of influential Risk Roundup Podcast, a Scientist, an expert in disruptive technologies, and a globally recognized Strategic Security thought leader, advisor, and influencer.

Dr. Pandya has been involved in a wide range of research, spanning security of and from science and technology domains. Her work is currently focused on understanding how converging technologies and their interconnectivity create survival, security, and sustainability risks. Her research has contributed to more than 100 publications and is pursued to provide security solutions for the future of humanity. Her latest book Geopolitics of Cybersecurity offers much-needed solutions to the rising digital disorder.

Ross Sclafani

Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Product

Ross Sclafani is an Emmy-nominated creative and technologist, focused on the intersection of branding, product, and user experience as drivers of business impact. His work for global firms has spanned all media from film and television, to interactive multimedia and software platforms.

He has traveled the globe absorbing influences from around the world, synthesizing his approach around the belief that empathy is the clearest path to the understanding required to create meaningful products and brands.

Ross’ gift for interpreting the world and translating it for others has afforded him the opportunity to work with the greatest minds in business and technology, as he continues to disrupt conventional thinking and drive unparalleled performance from his teams.