About HRDN

HRDN is a breakthrough solution to cyberintrusion. It creates an impenetrable barrier that protects data in use, transit and at rest using a proprietary blend of technology and techniques — making it impossible for unauthorized requests to be fulfilled with usable data.

We call this Security Beyond Encryption — invulnerable to recent advancements in quantum decryption, and the first solution of its kind to fully secure data for high risk applications in critical industries: autonomous automobiles, space and satellite communications, telemedicine, the global financial infrastructure and beyond.

In addition to our cybersecurity innovations, HRDN has assembled the foremost team of specialists in the fields of massively parallel supercomputing, governance and data policy, and international investigation.

As corporate and nation-state warfare turns toward the cyber battlefield, data security is the highest priority for global institutions, who have demanded to participate in the HRDN pilot program and are astounded by the results.